Hi, my name is Nilam and I want to help you reach your FAB state

My Story

I was born and raised in London, UK. At the early age of 16 I met my best friend whom I married when I was 23 years old.

With demanding professional careers and two young children (now both teenagers), juggling work and home life was challenging.

Life seemed monotonous, with the same daily and weekly routines. I was missing something, yet unsure of what that was. I was stuck and unhappy.

My time was devoted to my growing family and my job. As the days and years simply rolled into one another I realised that with each passing year the extra kilos were piling on too. My self-esteem was at rock bottom. Deep within, I knew that I wanted to change but my commitment to change was limited and my efforts the same.

Each time I looked in the mirror I hated what I saw.

I was classed as obese. Weighing 98 kgs and wearing UK size 20 clothes and struggling to come to terms with low self-confidence and personal issues.

I was physically and mentally drained and realised that this was not who I wanted to be.

If only I had a magic wand to wave to make me look and feel better!

Our family holiday to Turkey in August 2011, was one that I will never forget. I was 39 years old. Looking back at the photos I realised how awful I looked and felt.

That was my defining moment!

In December 2011, we moved to live an expat life in Dubai, following my husband’s career, taking on the challenges of moving abroad and settling the family to new surroundings, leaving loved ones and memories behind.

I left my 16-year teaching and leadership career and my role as Assistant Headteacher in a Primary School in London, specialising in Inclusion and Special Needs, a job that I loved and found rewarding and different each day. My passion was to help young children feel accomplished, loved and to believe in themselves.

Close to turning 40, I no longer wanted to be WEIGHED DOWN by my physical weight and my emotional state. I reflected on my life and decided that it was time to be more proactive, overcome my fears and take responsibility to get to a FAB state.

It was time to change, for real this time.

In order to change I needed to work hard. To put in the EFFORT, be COMMITTED, and BELIEVE in myself.

We need to empower ourselves, to not be afraid to ask for help and direction. Facing our fears and dealing with emotions is key to living a fulfilled, happy and balanced life.

Often, we just don’t know where to turn to and get overwhelmed in the journey to reach a goal.

Small steps, one day at a time and achievable targets helps to chunk down what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

It works!

I lost 24 kgs, worked on dealing with my emotions through meditation, yoga and exercise. In order to be a happy mother and wife it was important to empower myself and be committed.

I am now a happier, confident woman, excited for challenges that come my way and even more excited to help others to overcome stresses and move away from formed habits and routines to be FAB.

We can easily get stuck in our habits and routines. They become ingrained in us and we fear moving into new territory. Fear of change and doing something different holds us back.

My daily mantra helps me to keep my thoughts clear and positive. It simply reads:

“I can, I am, I will”

No more excuses to say that I can’t do anything.
No more excuses of not knowing who I am.
No more excuses of not wanting to push past limited self-beliefs.

I have set about to help others to know that they have a power within to overcome obstacles of daily life and dream big for happiness.

Let’s all be FAB in life – one step at a time!

My Qualifications

Member of ICF

Member of ANLP

Are you ready to get to your fab state?

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