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Fab State?

...then this book is for you!


Nilam Shah shares her life story and experiences in this must-read book. She takes you on a journey that puts you back on track. With step by step goals, she guides you to take charge and change your life around.

Many people battle emotional and weight issues as we navigate through complex work and personal life. It’s time to focus on you and get back your identity. Start loving yourself and your life.

Health, Women’s Wellness, Self-Development


Climbing the Charts

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Why You Should Read This Book

  • Gain confidence with a personal guide

    Feel empowered as you learn strategies to overcome fears and feel confident from within and develop trust and faith in your own abilities to cross boundaries that set you back.

  • Develop deeper inner self-belief

    Examine your strengths to realise what holds you back. Once these are uprooted you feel stronger from within, with an understanding of your belief systems and the values you hold.

  • Reach a FAB state

    Your FAB state is one where your heart and mind are in sync. You feel FAB, look FAB and have a FAB outlook of life. You now control the choices you make and the paths to your success.

  • Change the cycle of habit

    Learn how to change embedded habits and routines. Utilise your time effectively for change to take place. Small changes, one step at a time have life-changing effects.

  • Gain awareness of your future goals

    Your goals and dreams are waiting to be fulfilled. Learn how to visualise what you want in the future and effectively plan the steps you need to take to manifest these into your reality.

  • Control the choices you make

    Know that having a choice is better than not having a choice, as you control the choices and options available to you, to overcome hurdles with a strong mindset and a clear vision.

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About the Author

Nilam Shah is a passionate Confidence, Life and Success Coach. Her personal transformation of mind and body since turning 40 has inspired her to help others reach their potential.

Born and raised in London, UK, Nilam is a mother of two teenagers and loving wife to her husband. In 2011, the family moved to Dubai following her husband’s career. Leaving her own 16-year professional teaching and leadership career and since turning 40, she has focused on her goal to transform her mind and body.

She has worked on developing her emotional state and is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) Professional coach. She offers coaching and workshops using NLP techniques, backed by personal experiences to help clients reach their ultimate love for self and future life successes.

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