And now…a published author

I did it!  Made a dream come true and am a published author – still having a few pinch myself moments.  I did not stop there….I enrolled on a course and have spent the last months working on my professional development.  It took commitment, willpower and a desire to focus my energy to learn something new.

I committed.  Now a NLP Practitioner and NLP Professional Coach – a fresh start in a new direction to truly help other people.

‘Weighed Down’  is a personal account of my weight loss journey.  It  chronicles the struggle to find time to balance the responsibilities of life and gain inner strength to change mindsets and overcome barriers.  It’s a challenge to put your fears aside, believe in yourself, trust that you are worth it and just go grab what you want in life.  We all have different goals we want to achieve – they may be focussed on areas of your life – health, relationships, finance, work, leisure etc.

I realised that working on my health and fitness in turn helped me to work on other areas of my life.  My role as a mother and my relationships with loved ones around me.  I was able to recognise my emotional state and triggers that would make me feel uneasy.

Life can fly by with each passing year as we navigate through the complex work and personal daily life situations and struggles. I never would have thought that my dreams would actually turn into a reality.  To write a book and to lose some weight.  It was a dream – a dream that I hoped would happen at some time but I hadn’t done anything to make it happen – that is – until…. I saw an opportunity and decided that taking a risk would be the way to go.  I had fears – so many of them.

We all have fears of some sort.

What will it take to move towards a goals that you desire to have?  I realised that my fears were holding me back.  I wanted to please others so much that I lacked the conviction to believe in myself.

Choice is better than no choice

I am not alone.  So many of us are going through or have been through life issues taking each day and year for granted, watching the time go by.  We have dreams and aspirations yet all too often our priorities change and so does our focus to work on our goals.  The reality is that it happens!  There have been a many times when I have not consistently been to the gym and something else has been more of a priority.  The choices made are mine alone – the difference is now I am able to recognise that these choices can be changed and altered.

Other options in life are available – if you allow yourself to step back and notice what choices you are making on a day to day basis.

It is very near the end of 2018 and a New Year approaches.  2019 – what will that mean for you?  Have you set some goals?  What will you aim to do differently in 2019?

Gift a book to someone you care about this Christmas

My 2019 Goals

  • Lose a further 8kg – by March 2019. I will hit my target weight by my 47th Birthday
  • Coach 100 hours to clients in the first 5 months of 2019
  • Practice learnt skills and attend regular training sessions
  • Set up a coaching business – this will be the year to help others reach their goals
  • Plan a book launch

Here’s the part of my blog where I tell you there’s more coming your way

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